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Gym Shaker Bottle + Tasty Recipes 🤤

Gym Shaker Bottle + Tasty Recipes 🤤

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  • 2 strong springs 💪: one stainless steel spring ball, and a plastic filter on top.
  • FREE Recipes eBook 📗: Free 11 Most-Healthy Protein Shake & 11 Smoothie Recipes 🥤
  • Don't like noisy shakes? Just remove the spring ball. The above plastic filter is capable enough to create a tasty, lump-free shake for you 🤤
  • 2 enormous compartments 👌 to store protein, multivitamins, nuts, or other tablets for your pre and post-workout sessions.
  • Ultra Tight lid 🔥with no leaks whatsoever.
  • Recyclable product & Made from 💯% BPA-free plastic.
  • Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe 🛡️
  • Stupidly simple to clean and maintain 😊



Love going to the gym? We too! Building great muscles and an attractive body is the forever dream for any man and woman 💪

To help you do longer and stronger gym sessions, take this shaker bottle with youIt'll keep you hydrated all the time with tasty pre-and post-workout sessions.

It is unique and different from all other shaker bottles out there.

Let us show you what we mean:


FREE Most-Healthy 11 Protein Shake & 11 Smoothie Recipes eBook 🥤

Yes, we're giving you free most-healthy 11 protein shakes and 11 smoothie recipes that you won't find anywhere else.


They are created exclusively by our health experts for muscle growth and bodybuilding.


If you like 100% natural and supplement free drinks, then you'll love the recipes ❤️



2 STRONG springs for Absolute smooth protein shakes 🙌



1st spring is a ball, made of stainless steel. It creates noise when you shake with it but gets the job done.


2nd spring is a plastic filter attached on top of the shaker. It is silent and equally powerful as the steel ball.

So if in case you're comfortable making a noisy shake, use both the springs. If you need to make a shake quietly though, just remove the ball and create the shake with the plastic filter.

In both cases, the shake will be awesome. 


Can HOLD up to 600 ML of your shake 🥂

No need for more than that, right?


But if you do need to create a bigger shake, then just finish the current shake and use the protein powder from the extra storage compartment to create another one.


That's the reason why we give 2 storage compartments 😉


2 ENORMOUS storage compartments ✌️

Do you create your shake at home and carry it all the way to the gym? How last seasoned!

Why not create a fresh shake anytime you want?


That's the reason why we've given not one but 2 extra storage compartments.


One is huge enough to store all your protein powder, and the second is also big enough to store all your other vitamins and tablets.


That's a smart gymming solution for smart men 😁



Ultra TIGHT lid with NO leaks what-so-ever 🔥

You won't like it if the liquid spills over your entire hand and clothes when you shake it, or dirties your bag when you simply carry it, right? We won't either.


That's why it's designed to be ultra-tight.


Just make sure to tightly close it, and No liquid would come out of it, promise! 🤝


Measurement Scale in ML & OZ 📏

Easily check how much volume your shake has to maintain your diet.


The scale comes in both ML and OZ.

You can read it whatever you're more comfortable with.


Best for TASTY shakes & to carry smoothies ❣️

Love experimenting with amazing smoothies and shakes out there?


Good news for you: not only the shaker helps you make the best protein shakes, but you can also add smoothies and juices into the bottle and have it on the go.


Be it your office, university or gym, just carry the smoothie in this classy bottle to be consumed as a pre or post-workout drink 🤤


Stupidly EASY to clean 🧽

The shaker has a wide mouth which makes it easy to clean and wash and is also odour resistant.


You can also safely put it inside the dishwasher and it'll become extremely clean and new, just like before


On that note, this shaker bottle is microwave-safe and freezer-safe too!


So EASY to CARRY that you'd want to take it everywhere! 😉


You can fit the bottle inside your bag, bicycle, bottle holders in the car and bike, etc.


You can also pack it by taking compartments inside it and making it a shorter version of itself, which makes it even easier to carry.


You can also carry it with the loop that comes with it.


Size so convenient that it fits just about everywhere 😊

Functional design & stylish look, just like you! 🕺

The bottle comes with a beautiful multi-color quote: "Believe in yourself".


Along with 4 types of color combos you can choose from.


Now you can have health with style, amazing right? 



100% BPA-free and Toxin Free, Food-Graded Plastic 🌎

We know how important the material of your shaker bottle is for you.


Don't worry, it doesn't contain any toxic chemicals.


The bottle is made from 100% toxic-free BPA-free plastic and is 100% food-grade material which lasts longer and is best to keep you and the environment healthy ❤️‍🩹


Whether you are a fitness enthusiast who loves to cycle, gym or practice yoga, you can rely on your protein shaker to keep you hydrated and nourished at all times 🏋️


What comes with the box 📦👇



Shaker Bottle

₹ 500

11 Protein Shake Recipes

₹ 300

11 Smoothie Recipes

₹ 400


TOTAL VALUE: Rs. 1,200/-

YOU PAY: Rs. 399/-

Get Free 11 Protein shake recipes exclusively created by our Health Expert that will help you build a charming & healthy body and gain muscles.


Also, you're getting 11 tasty smoothie recipes that you can make and enjoy.


100% safe and healthy for your body.




FAQ 🤔 - You deserve to have questions ⁉️

Q - What recipes am I getting free with the shaker?

A - You're getting 11 recipes for protein shakes and 11 for smoothies that are created specifically for muscle growth and bodybuilding. Especially for men.

Q - What material is used for the shaker and is it safe?

A - The shaker is made from 100% BPA free material and food-grade plastic. It is safe to use on a regular basis.


Q - Is this Protein Shaker durable?

A - Yes, the bottle is strong and is designed to last for a long time without breaking or getting weaker.

Q - What can we use the Shaker for?

A - This is a multi-purpose shaker that can be used for mixing and carrying your Protein drinks, juices, smoothies and even water for your gym sessions.

Q - Is it easy to clean?

A - The shaker has a wide mouth which makes it easy to clean and wash and is also odour resistant. Do not use a metal scrubber for cleaning the shakers.

Q - Can I store my protein powder and supplement pills?

A - Yes, it has 2 storage compartments which come in handy to store your protein powder, pills, fruits etc. in good volumes.

Q - Does the Shaker come with a mixer/whisk ball?

A - Yes, the shaker has a whisk ball that helps mix the content when the bottle is shaken to get a smooth mixture quickly.



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FREE Most-Healthy 11 Protein Shake & 11 Smoothie Recipes

With this shaker bottle, you will get 11 protein shakes and 11 smoothie recipes.

They are created exclusively by our health experts for muscle growth and bodybuilding.


1. Can hold upto 600 ml of shake.

2. 2 huge storage compartments to store your protein powder and dry fruits.

3. ULTRA tight lid so your shake doesn't leak ever.

4. 2 STRONG springs for making Absolute smooth protein shakes 🙌

5. 100% BPA-free and Toxin Free, Food-Graded Plastic🌎

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