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Build muscles at home faster than ever! 💪

Use colors:

🔴 Red lines - for shoulders

🔵 Blue lines - for chest

🟡 Yellow lines - for back

🟢 Green lines - for triceps

🚚 Approximate Delivery:


Difficult to hit the gym with your office schedule?

No problem.

This pushup board is the perfect alternative to your gym.

📺 Free push-up board video course.

🏋️‍♂️ Sturdy quality. Supports up to 120 kg.

✊ Comfortable grip.

👜 Easily carry it to gym, office, garden, etc.

💪 Get perfect body at home.

🔴 Color-coded to build upper-body muscles.

Made with premium ABS plastic, the board:

- can support up to 120 Kg weight.

- has a sturdy quality.

- won't break easily.

Now easily tone and build your muscles at HOME.

The board is:

- Portable (carry it anywhere)

- Cushioned and non-slip handle (no slipping during workout)

- has comfortable gripping (no hurting on wrists)

- a complete package for the entire upper-body workout

Extremely useful for:

- Fitness enthusiasts,

- Work-from-home professionals,

- Athletes,

- People who don't get time from office,

- Those who want to build muscles at home.


What comes with the box 📦👇



9 in 1 Pushup Board

₹ 1999

Free Pushup Video Course

₹ 4999


TOTAL VALUE: Rs. 6,998/-

YOU PAY: Rs. 999/-


Personal Trainer: FREE Push UP Board Course

Watch our fitness expert and learn to use this pushup board for maximum benefit.

You'll also learn the science behind losing weight and gaining muscles easily.





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FREE Video Course for Upper Body Workout

It teaches you how to use the Push-Up Board so you get the maximum benefit in the least time.

It will also teach you other exercises to build your chest, biceps, triceps, chest.


1. Made with Premium ABS plastic: Can support up to 120Kg weight. Won't break easily.

2. Color coding system: Helps you do full upper body workout:

🔴 Red lines - for shoulders

🔵 Blue lines - for chest

🟡 Yellow lines - for back

🟢 Green lines - for triceps

3. Portable and easy to assemble: Easy to carry in your gym, office, garden, rooftop, or terrace.

4. Non-slip rack board: Has huge friction so you don't slip easily.

5. Cushioned and Non-Slip Handle: Increases comfort during workout. Prevents your hands from slipping.

Just plug in and start workout 💪

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Product will be delivered within 4-5 days.

What Our Customers Say

  • Rakshit Rao

    I brought a push up board from amazon but it broke in just 13 days.

    Then I brought this push up board and have been using it from 3.5 months now. It's quality is good. Also it's grip are soft, so I can do many push ups with it.

  • Vishwajith Reddy

    I am working out at home from 5 months regularly using this push up board and have lost 8 kg weight.

  • Aditya Mohapatra

    I am using this board for a while now and my upper body muscules have started growing.😌

  • Faisal Ahmed

    I have a full time job and don't get time to go to gym. So I brought this push up board. I am really happy that I can do workout whenever I get time using this.